Truther Love Poster


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DancingDark can tell you a thing or two about tense relations between Truthers and Sheeple. Until five years ago she was living with her boyfriend of seven years. In 2007, the two opened a head shop in downtown Calgary selling bongs, pipes, rolling paper and hemp clothing. By that time DancingDark had long known that “9/11 was a farce,” but she had a hard time convincing her boyfriend. She remembers how she jumped up on the couch screaming, “He can’t do that!” when George W. Bush announced that every American should own a home. Her protest of American totalitarianism earned her a weird sideway look from her boyfriend, she says. “He’s thinking I’m crazy. I can’t teach him. He still hasn’t woken up.” She adds, “I don’t think he ever will.”

A custom illustration by Longreads Art Director Kjell Reigstad for the Sabine Heinlein story “Truther Love.” The poster is 12″ by 18″ and printed on durable, archival matte paper.

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